Beautiful YOU! Meet Monica :) El Paso, TX Photographer

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Meet Monica, her energy and outgoing personality radiated the moment she entered the room! She instantly told Jesse she wanted Selena inspired makeup! And BOY did it turn out UH-FREAKING- MAZING! Jesse did such an awesome job!

Please read below for her inspiring story: 

I have stage 4 cancer called Granuosa Cell Tumor. I was diagnosed in November 2006. This is my 5th time going through chemo. I was woken up with severe abdominal pain sending me to the ER. They saw a mass on my left ovary and decided to take a sample making the mass open. A few days pass and I get a phone call that I needed to go to a Dr. appointment asap. EEEEKKKK CANCER!!!!!! I was given the news of the big “C” word. I was scheduled for surgery to remove my left ovary that December 2006.

                  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant. The Oncologist spoke with us letting me know that the chemo I was going to start in January 2007 was very toxic (bleomycin), etoposide and cisplatin). This combo would kill my only ovary not being able to bear children. I was devastated. That same year of 2007 I was in remission. The very next year 2008, a miracle happened, I got pregnant. I had my son in February of 2009. 

                  My son was over a year old when I was given the news that cancer had invaded my body again. I had a second surgery giving me a complete hysterectomy mid 2010 ending in remission again. A few years go by when I get the news cancer had invaded my body. I was treated by CANCER TREATMENT CENTERS of AMERICA. I had a 15-hour surgery and remission.

                  I was given the confirmation in January 2017 that Cancer has now invaded my liver and my abdominal cavity. I am here now fighting for my life trying to remain here for my son for as long as possible.

Monica A. Reyes Ramirez


PLEASE if you feel inclined. PLEASE make a small donation to her GoFundMe account OR SHARE :) 

TY in advance :) 

LOCATION: Railyard Studio

Makeup Artist: Beauty by Jesse


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