Nichols Wedding- Grand Palace Ballroom- El Paso, TX Wedding Photographer

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Eileen and Zack united their LOVE in marriage on April 1st, 2017. When Eileen contacted me, one of the first things she mentioned was "Our wedding day is on April Fools, and NO It is not a joke!" LOL! These two love birds are in the military and are stationed in Alaska! We communicated via email and had very loooooong conversations over the phone. I was ecstatic when they decided to hire me! I was humbled as well, even though they were not able to meet me in person they entrusted me to capture such a special day for them! I met them a few days before the wedding at a Starbucks in Northeast  El Paso. We discussed their timeline and they were SO easy going , we CLICKED immediately! I knew right away their wedding day was going to be a SUCCESS! 

Eileen did have a special request. Sadly, her father passed away two years ago and she wanted to visit him at his grave site. She said she needed to do this because she felt it be his way to give her away, to give her his blessing. My heart hurt so much for her! I couldn't even imagine not having my father present on my wedding day. I OF course obliged without question. 

On the big DAY! I arrived to Eileen's mother's house where everyone was getting their hair and makeup done! One thing I have learned when capturing weddings, is that time FLIES and expect the unexpected! Before we knew it we were rushing to get everyone out the door. Then, we realized Eileen's dress looked a bit off. The bottom was bustled and we couldn't figure out how to detach it! That took us FOREVER! Fortunately, my spanish skills helped out! haha! I was able to talk to the lady where the dress was purchased and she was able to help us out! We were on a time crunch but luckily we were able to make a short stop at the cemetery so Eileen can have a few moments with her dad. That has to be one the most heartfelt, sad, most beautiful images I have ever captured! 

The ceremony was short and SWEET! We were able to capture some beautiful images outdoors after the wedding. We were all a little panicked because the day before the weather in El Paso was INSANE! High winds, horrible dust storms, and rain! I dreaded for the worst! BUT the next day it cleared up! The weather couldn't have been more perfect! I believe Eileen's dad had a little something to do with that from up above! I am sure he wanted his little girl's wedding day to be AMAZING! And so it was ;) 

Zack is not the only one in the military in his family. His brother is deployed and unfortunately was unable to attend the wedding. His family had a GREAT way to incorporate him into family pics! I thought it was soooooo clever and thoughtful at the same time! It warmed my heart to see people face timing him through out the day so he can be a part of the wedding in some way. You gotta LOVE technology RIGHT! ? 

I swear I cried so much during this wedding I am not even going to lie! A very emotional moment was during the dance. This beautiful bride did not have her dad present for the Father Daughter dance so in his place she danced with her brother and her uncles who traveled from miles and miles away to dance with her in his honor. While they danced a projector showed images of Eileen and her father. As I took pictures I noticed there was not a dry eye in site!

I MUST say. Even though these two had to plan everything from a far their wedding was SPECTACULAR! I truly enjoyed being a part of their day! I had such a difficult time selecting which images to share in the blog because they are ALL so GORGEOUS! Scroll down to see for yourself ;) 

THANK YOU soooooo much Mr. and Mrs. Nichols for allowing me to be your photographer! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! God bless you ALWAYS! - Laura 


Venue: Grand Palace Ballroom

Makeup Artist: Makeup by Melodie

Makeup Artist:  Heather Portillo 

Hair:  Jacob Papke

Dress:  Posh Bridal

Hair Piece:  Posh Bridal 

Flowers:  Angie's Flowers 

Bridesmaids:  Dress Davids Bridal

Tuxedos: Men's Warehouse



*** Second Shooter: Armando Perez



Lovely work, so much style of display and so many beautiful moments! Wonderful photos.
These are great wedding photos. The portraits you took of the bride and groom in the garden are stunning. Great light.
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